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Mosaics Mirror Glass Tiles for decoration and art craft
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100 pcs silver bulk coated 3x3" square mirror glass
• Great for decoration , craft etc
• 3mm thickness
• Have fun =)
• I wish I can be more artistic maybe you are!

Mirror Tiles-Decoration 3"x3" Silver Coated Bulk 100 Pcs Lot Sale Art,Craft,Decoration, Have FUN! Artcraft 
Total of 100 Pcs clean cut, 3x3 inch silver coated square mirror bulk lot sale. A great value for the price and the best deal online! Great for people needing to work on craft ,art, and decoration. Hope you have alot of fun and thank you for viewing this. Take advantage of this great offer while supply last! 
Brand: Enjoy Plastic
UPC: 0890175001731
Total Lbs: 10
SKU# 3x3 Mirror 100
Cost: $35.00 With free expedited Shipping inlcuded!
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